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What exactly is Social Media Marketing?

Publishing was the beginning of social media marketing. Businesses were using social media to promote their content in order to drive traffic to their websites and, perhaps, sales. However, social media has evolved into much more than a platform for disseminating information. Businesses nowadays use social media in a variety of ways. For instance, a company worried about what people are saying about its brand on social media would monitor conversations and respond to key references (social media listening and engagement). Social Media Marketing is the use of Social Media A company that wants to know how well it's doing on social media might use an analytics tool to look at its reach, engagement, and sales (social media analytics).

What are the benefits of Social Media Marketing?

1. Increased brand awareness

2. More Inbound traffic

3. Better Customer Satisfaction

4. Improved Brand Loyalty 

5. More Authority over the brand

Why choose Oneisok for Social Media Marketing?

Oneisok has social media experts who can increase your brand awareness through social media in real-time.

 They can better engage with the customers and can generate more inbound traffic.