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What Are LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn Ads are paid advertisements shared on LinkedIn. It is a powerful marketing tool for B2B companies to build leads, online recognition, share content and more.

Advantages of Advertising with LinkedIn Ads

1. Target Professionals and Leaders in Your Industry

2. Higher Conversion Rates

3. Promote Your Products or Services 

4. Track Profile Visits

5. Networking and Traffic

6. Connect Your Social Media Accounts or Your Blog

7. Promote Your Courses, Seminars and Conferences.

How Do You Optimise LinkedIn Ads?

  •       Pay attention to the right metrics based on your campaign goal.
  •      Allocate your budgets based on campaign performance.
  •      Use Expanded Audiences.
  •        Get your bidding right from the beginning.
  •        Test Your Ads
  •       Reach qualified prospects by targeting groups.

What Oneisok LinkedIn Ad Services Include

Focused on Business Goals

Budget Management

Best Practice Builds

Industry Insights

Competitor Insights

Landing Page Analysis

Performance Reporting