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The Service Portal often gets compared to web-based CMSs like WordPress or Drupal (“It’s just a website, isn’t it?”). Those of us that are familiar with Service Portal know that it is its own beast. There are a few fundamental differences:

1) There is no strict file structure to interact with on the Service Portal to control templates of output pages

2) All direct interaction and development with the Service Portal happen through the front end only. The backend of ServiceNow is largely obfuscated and inaccessible.

What is often overlooked is that, despite its differences, Service Portal has the structure to support JavaScript plugins built for WordPress, Drupal, or even CMS-less websites through its own interface – it’s just knowing where to plug everything in and how they interact that is the important part.

1. JQuery

 Jquery is a JavaScript library that makes web pages interactive and dynamic. It provides a lot of useful features including animation effects, drag-and-drop functionality, Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) requests, event handling, and much more. Jquery is a free open source software project released under MIT License.

 2. jQuery UI

 jQuery UI is a set of user interface widgets based on jQuery. It includes datepicker, autocomplete, slider, tabs, dialog, progressbar, buttons, and more.

 3. Bootstrap

 Bootstrap is a front end framework for developing responsive websites and web applications. It is written using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You can use it to create beautiful responsive sites without writing any code.

 4. Modernizr

 Modernizr is a javascript plugin that detects what browser versions are being used. It helps us to target our website to specific browsers and make sure that we have the right version of CSS, JS, etc.

 5. ColorZilla

 ColorZilla is a color picker tool that lets you choose colors easily. It comes with a color wheel and various tools to help you select colors.

 6. Selectivizr

 Selectivizr is a simple way to style elements based on their type. It uses a combination of css and javascript to determine if an element is a link, input, textarea, button, or anything else.

 7. Google Maps API

 Google maps api is a great tool that lets you add google map markers to your site. It's easy to use and gives you lots of options to customize your map.