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Why Google Ads?

  • Google Search Engine is the largest search engine in the world with a 92.01% search engine market share in the world.
  • 58.4% of consumers purchased a product or service online each week and this percentage is increasing daily.
  • Google Ads gives instant results compared to SEO which takes a long time to get actual results.
  • Google Ads helps in building brand awareness by displaying ads on the top of the Search Engine Result Page.
  • We have to only pay when the users take any action specified by the marketer which is known as Pay Per Click bidding or PPC.
  • Higher Return on Investment due to the presence of an in-market audience who are ready to buy your products and services.
  • What do we do to get higher ROI through Google Ads?

    • Our experienced digital marketers implement the most effective bidding strategy and optimize it wherever possible.
    • We optimize the website and landing pages before creating ads that helps increase the quality score of the Google Ad Campaign.
    • We use the unique & compelling descriptions for ads with relevant keyword to increase the quality score of the Google Ads.
    • We use the most relevant and high performing keywords for creating Google Ads.
    • We do extensive research for finding the relevant demographics of target audience for certain ads to target the right audience. 

    Formula of Return On Investment = (Net Profit/Cost of Investment)*100

    Google Ads Services Provided By Oneisok

    • Sales Ads
    • Lead Generation Ads
    • Increasing Website Traffic Ads
    • Brand Awareness Ads
    • Mobile Application Promotion Ads
    • Local Store Visits & Promotion Ads
    • Product & Brand Consideration Ads

    Why Oneisok?

    • Oneisok has the largest & most experienced digital marketing team with experienced as well as young digital marketers with fresh ideas and a passion for digital marketing.
    • Our motto has always been "Spend Less, Get More Returns".
    • An eagle-eyed team of digital marketers keeps track of every Google Ad activity and optimizes ads wherever possible to decrease expenses and increase returns.
    • We believe that innovation and creativity is the only way to be successful in Digital Marketing and Brand Building efforts.