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December 10, 2022 - BY Admin

How can I rank a website on Google's first page

Who would be who does not want that his website should also rank on Google? In the digital world, every small and start-up business is now keeping their hold online and you also want to go ahead in that race. In this article, you will find many ways to rank your website. Before going to the next step we understand why I am trying to rank my website on Google.

I know this question must have come to your mind who are new in this field. 

Why website ranking is important

Now why website ranking is important, think about it! You want to grow your business.  Selling your products and services online.  If you just build your website and keep it, then what if your website is not ranked at all, there is no traffic to it.  People don't even know that there is a website and there are products on it.  People will know only then they will buy it, right? So keep focusing on increasing awareness and traffic to your website.

3 ways to rank your website on goggle

You have to rank your website for three methods:

1.       Organically

2.       Paid

3.       Local/map section


If you rank your website organically then you can follow many processes like Keyword targeting, SEO, etc.


If you have invested money in your business then you will go paid method. You increase traffic to your website you can run Ads for your website.

Local/map section

Now, If you are only targeting your local area around business and you don’t have money to invest website so you will go to Google My Business. Every small or larger business is use Google My Business (GMB). This is the part of Off-Page-SEO.

Rank your website on the Google

1. Immediately tell Google Bots that your Website also exists

After Developing a website your second process is to tell Google that your website also exists on Google. For this process, you have to submit your website sitemap on Google search Crawlers. After This Google Crawler is come to your site and checks the pages of your website and indexes your pages on Google search results.        

2. Start Blogging

You can create Blogs for your products and services and create awareness through blogging about their product. For example- You are holding an electronic website and you can tell everyone about your product so blogging is the best way for this. 

3. Use SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) help your website to rank on Google. First, you can do On-Page-Seo for your website then You can do Off-page-Seo for your blogs.

4. Target the right keywords

Before SEO you have to focus on target keywords. Target keywords are very important in ranking factors. If you find target keywords then you can choose that keywords are related to your business and also focus on the keywords on competition and volume. Because If you are new in this field then you have to find low competition keywords and high volume keywords.

5. Create backlinks

This is a very broad concept you must Have heard that content is king exactly backlinks are Queen. You can link your site to another site and generate traffic on your website that’s called “Backlinks”. After creating quality content then you have to focus on backlinks. You can generate quality backlinks for high authority sites for your website

6. Optimize your website

Most people are read content on their mobile phones. Half of the world's internet traffic comes from mobiles phones. So make sure you also focus on the optimization process. You need to optimize your website according to mobile.