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December 20, 2022 - BY Admin

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Strong Social Media Strategy & How to Get Started

Social media, as we know, is one of the key growth tools for many businesses in 2022. We have so many platforms to utilize, from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, and more. Keeping up with all your business’s social media accounts can be a daunting task, specifically, without a developed social media strategy.

We like to describe your social media strategy as a map; a map that will provide you with all directions to reach the end goal of building brand affinity. Without the use of a strategy, you probably find yourself aimlessly posting and trying to desperately come up with new content ideas to stay relevant to your followers, without seeing any results or growth in your accounts.

Unfortunately, many brands tend to overlook and underestimate the strategy that goes into creating a successful social media platform and hope to someday go inexplicably viral, which is an unrealistic goal. The best way to expect and notice growth and success within your social media accounts is to develop a strategy.

we believe that every business needs an effective social media strategy in place, to plan goals, and key performance indicators (KPIs), understand your target audience, find your strengths and weaknesses, track growth, and much more. In this guide, we go over the five reasons why it’s time for your brand to finally invest in a strong, professional social media strategy to drive business growth.

1. Organization and Consistency

Organization is one of the keys to success in our eyes as marketers; this is one of the reasons we love a well-planned strategy. With no declared strategy, you’re essentially creating content and coming up with ideas as you go, on the spot. There may be a vague direction you’re aiming for but no actual strategy as to how you will get there.

With a social media strategy in place, you’ll get the direction you need from understanding your target audience, to your brand voice, to the type of content you want to create, how you are creating it, where you are posting it, and how to schedule it. Depending on the type of content, we like to use scheduling tools including Hootsuite, Later and Sprout Social, which are the three tools that we recommend to clients. 

2. Save Time and Be Prepared for the Unexpected

With your content planned out ahead of time, you’ll never need to worry about coming up with last-minute content ideas to post (unless there is a hot TikTok trend that you need to get on asap, of course)!

Let’s discuss why it’s important to be prepared for the unexpected. Say you have someone on your team in charge of social media, but they have unexpectedly fallen ill and are incapable of working, leaving you to have to pick up their work.

3. Achieve Your Goals & Focus

While creating your strategy, you’ll need to identify what your business’s goals are for social media. As an experienced agency in this space, our recommendation is to set SMART Social Media Goals. What makes a smart goal? Let’s break it down.

Specific – the more specific you are with writing down a goal, the easier it will be to see what you’re attempting to achieve clearly.

Some common social media goals include:

·        Increasing brand awareness

·        Managing brand reputation

·        Increasing traffic to your website

·        Improving community engagement

·        Boosting conversions or sales

·        Lead generation

·        Delivering customer service

·        Gaining market insights with social listening

4. Understand Your Social Media Performance

Tracking performance and seeing how your social media accounts are growing is key to success. We believe that performance tracking is of the utmost importance in the digital world. With your goals in place, you’ll be able to better track the performance of your social media and truly understand if your strategy is working to achieve them.

Tracking also helps you find the missing pieces; perhaps you are growing, but you aren’t quite reaching your exact goal. With tracking properly, you can take a step back, observe, and find a new tactic to reach that goal.

5. Provide Value to Your Followers

At the end of the day, with any social media channel you have as a business, it’s very important to provide value to your followers. This is where the content creation strategy comes into play, as a part of your social media strategy. You must understand what it is that your audience is looking for, and how you can give it to them by providing them with value.

For example, some types of valuable content can include:

·        Sharing motivational content

·        Discussing what is trending in your industry

·        Sharing tips and tricks

·        Educating users on industry trends

·        Busting myths within your niche

·        Sharing content that is relatable to your target audience (including entertainment)

Research Social Media Platforms That Reach Your Demographics

As we are now living in a completely modernized digital world, there are a variety of digital marketing resources available for businesses to use as marketing tools, such as social media platforms available, when used effectively.

When building your social media strategy, before you can know which platform will best benefit your business, it’s important to first analyze your demographics. Therefore, you want to figure out the most prominent social media platforms that your target audience is most active on and for what purpose.

Use A Catchy Social Handle

A social handle is another term for a creative and unique username that you must have for each social media account that represents your business. When figuring out your social handle is to ensure that your handle is consistent across all your social media platforms for your business; furthermore, the handles should either be the same or like each other so your audience can easily find you when searching for your brand or business on different social platforms.

Set Realistic Goals and Regulations

When building a strong social media strategy for a business, it can get very overwhelming, very fast, hence it’s important to set realistic social media goals and regulations that will help improve brand awareness and social media reputation.

When building a strong social media strategy, setting realistic goals and regulations directs businesses to meet specific expectations at a certain time. Some examples of realistic goals that you should include in your social media strategy may be managing your workload, creating, and posting creative, gathering unique user-generated content, researching SEO marketing, and more.

Distinguish Your Social Platforms Tone & Style

A strong social media strategy includes spending enough time designing the tone and style of each social media platform you have set up for your business. During this step, we remind our clients that the tone and style they choose for their social platforms is what will help their audience and potential customer differentiate and distinguish their brand from others.

Start To Make High-Quality & Engaging Content

Embrace your creativity! This is your opportunity to be creative and have fun when gathering content and creating your content strategy for social media platforms. 

Create & Schedule Monthly Content Calendars

Social media is now commonly used by many brands. Behind every strong social media strategy is a detailed monthly content calendar. Utilizing a content calendar has been very effective in helping many businesses stay on top of the activity happening within their social media channels.


Analyze Your Social Media Presence

Finally, you can take a step back! At our digital agency, we explain to all our clients how important it is to review your monthly analytical reports to examine how all your social media platforms are performing. An analytical report allows you to look at your overall performance by tracking the number of viewers, engagement, and sales your social channels are receiving.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

After reading the benefits and detailed steps to creating a strong social media strategy for your business, we truly hope that you will begin this new chapter for your business by sitting down together with your team to create your own!

If you’re struggling to discover the strategy that will best help you achieve your goals, the oneisok social media marketing team is here to help you get started. Contact us for a complimentary consultation!