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December 09, 2022 - BY Admin

30 Blog post Ideas

30 Blog Post Ideas

which are easy to create & gives high result

Multimedia Blogs

Multimedia blogs focus on using any type of media: be it a video, a podcast, or a graphic.

Basically, to tell a story or share information.

The key to success is to make it share the most in this type of blogs. Whichever multimedia

element you choose to use, make sure it’s original and branded so that people will connect it

back to you.

1. Write a blog post using GIFs for your readers.

2. Create a quiz, such as “Which type of marketer are you?”

3. Recap your company event with photos and/or videos.

4. Share a video product demo.

5. Create a branded graphic that demonstrates your process.

6. Make a video that highlights your industry and write a post about it.

7. Start a podcast and transcribe all the episodes into blog posts.

8. Record an interview with a customer and conduct a corresponding write-up.

9. Upload a photo diary about the company.

10. Create an infographic about industry best practices or trends.

Instructional (How-to) Blogs

A common blog post category for B2B and B2C companies is how-to posts. These types of blog

posts explain how to do something or answer a question readers are searching for.

To get more insight into what questions or topics your customers are searching for online, look

out on Quora . You can then use these questions to help guide your blog strategy. Also look at

the people ask section on Google.

1. A must list for a good career.

2. Interview an industry leader about their tips for businesses.

3. Post a series on how to land a job in various fields.

4. Write a blog about “ 10 or any number of Things I Wish I Knew When I First Started.”

5. The hardest part of your field and how you deal with them.

6. Tips to handle hard times in your industry/ field.

7. Write a guide.

8. Create topic pages that link to a variety of other articles on the same subject.

9. Bust some common myths.

10. How to ace a specific social media channel.

11. Write about how to properly research and collect data for reports.

12. Recommend the best tools for completing daily tasks related to your product or industry.

13. Share the benefits of a recent trend.

14. Answer the top questions people have about your industry.

15. How to write a blog post using your own blog as an example.

Content Marketing Blogs

While almost everything on your blog is considered content marketing, these specific types of blog posts help market your company by giving readers a glimpse into your product, processes, and team.

1. Develop a blog post series dedicated to your company’s FAQs.

2. Invite an industry leader to create a blog on his expertise.

3. Curate an office playlist and share the tracklist.

4. Profile a team member to showcase the company culture.

5. Interview a customer and share their results.

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